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On May 6, 2017
Last modified:March 25, 2018


I have been using Grammarly premium account from last few years. I would say I'm learning grammar every day with Grammarly as well as correcting my mistakes. if you are looking for world's best grammar checker tool then I would recommend Grammarly app for sure.

I can understand…

Your pain, when you find grammatical mistakes in your writing.

You are frustrated with your writing mistakes.

You are filling uncomfortable when you are going to write anything.

You think, your friends, colleagues, clients will tell you about your grammatical and punctuation errors.


We are humans, we make mistakes, and we learn from the mistakes.

Having errors in writing not make us enemy in front of clients, readers, colleagues.

Today, In this guide, I come up with the best solution (online tool) to get rid of grammatical errors forever.


What if you can correct over 250 grammatical errors in just a few minutes?

grammarly app web version review

Isn’t cool?

Do you want to know the name of the tool?

It’s Grammarly.

Here, I’m going to share unbiased Grammarly app review with you.

What is Grammarly?


Grammarly is one of the best english grammar checker tool available online that proofread your content.

It’s freemium tool (Available as a free and premium version).

It corrects your grammatical errors, gives suggestions for repetitive words, checks plagiarism from the database of 8 billion pages.

The students, teachers, bloggers, content writers, copywriters, professionals can use Grammarly for day to day use.

The best part?

It even corrects silly mistakes like using ‘too’ instead ‘two.’

My Experience with the app:

When I was came in the blogging industry, I don’t know much more about English grammar, punctuation, and all other stuff.

I used to hire a proofreader’s at up work…

and it’s cost me minimum $5.57 per hour.

One day, I was searching online for punctuation errors, and I found Grammarly on

When I look at first Grammarly app, it was not promising at all…


After using it several days, I found Grammarly as one of the best sentence checker tools.

Now, I found my beast.

It saves my huge money every month.

Unlike Microsoft Word, that shows only errors, but thegrammarly app shows me which type of mistakes I made.

Now, Wherever I write anything, It proofreads my content and eliminates the errors.

How to Make an Account and Get Started Immediately?

It’s simple 2-step process.

Step-1:Go to Grammarly from here and fill up all necessary details.

grammarly create an account

Step-2:Select your plan either free or premium.

grammarly free vs premium plans

Note: You will see a detailed comparison between a free and premium plan of Grammarly later in this post.

Grammarly App Review: How to Use Grammarly?

As I said, Grammarly is available in free and paid version. In the free version, you can check over 150 errors at once.

There are mainly three ways to use Grammarly.

  • As Browser Extensions
  • As web App
  • By installing Add-In for Microsoft Products

1. Using Browser Extensions

One thing I like most about Grammarly is its simplicity to correct errors.

If you use free plan of Grammarly, it can rectify over 150 grammatical and punctuation errors.

Best part?

You just need to install a browser extension for your chrome or safari or firefox browser, and you are good to go.

Let’s see how the entire process works for Chrome browser (It will be same for other browsers also)…


#1: Go and Download extension for your browser and install the extension then create an account from here.

grammarly create an account#2: Once you logged in, It will scan every word that you write and show the number of errors in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

grammarly extensions#3: When you hover a mouse over that logo it will show you advance and critical mistakes that you have made in the content and that need to be corrected.

grammarly errors#4: Click on red icon and app will underline the errors at the left side within the content and its proper answers will be available on the right side in a green text.

grammarly extensions

#5: Just click on green text and error will be converted into right one. Along with the solution, it explains you your mistakes by showing causes with the examples.

This simple GIF image for you.

Grammarly error correction

Isn’t it great?

Looks very easy to use.

Try once, you will love it!

As you can see, It’s not only shows spelling and grammatical errors, but It also shows whether the passive voice sentence needs to be changed to active voice or not.

Moreover, It works when you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and It also help you to write effective, and error-free emails that are easy to read.

grammarly facebook, likedln, twittergrammarly email correction

2. Using Grammarly Web

If you are a freelance writer and you have a bunch of content to write for your clients, then it’s not feasible to write in a single dashboard.

Instead of you have to write in a comfortable writing area where you can proofread your content and make it error-free and easy to read.

Then Grammarly app web dashboard comes into the picture.

Bottom line?

Use Grammarly web version to write long length content and correct your all errors from the single place.


#1: Create your account with Grammarly. Or Login with credentials and you will see something like this.

grammarly create an account#2: Now, you can upload the document by clicking on “Upload” button or Click on “New” and copy and paste your content in the dashboard.

upload and new content#3: In few minutes, It will proofread your content and give you a list of errors that need to be corrected.

grammarly web version

#4: After that, simply click on red underlined text with suggested green text and your will get 100% grammatically correct content.

Here’s sample GIF for you.

grammarly app web version review

3. Using Grammarly Add-Ins for Microsoft Products

Grammarly offers Word Add-in for Microsoft Word & Outlook users. It’s paid feature that come with the premium plan only.

Download Word Add-in from here and install it. It will be integrated with Microsoft word in just a few seconds.

grammarly microsoft add-in

Grammarly Free vs. Premium Version


The free version of Grammarly does the amazing task of correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.

But some extent it’s required to have a premium version of Grammarly.If you are a teacher, you want to know whether your students have copied the content from the internet or not.

Or if you are a content writer, who writes high quality and engaging articles for his/her clients then you will require structuring the sentences, different types of materials.

Then what would you do?

You will require a premium version of Grammarly.

The free version of Grammarly provides contextual spelling check, punctuation check and check of 100 points of grammar only.

But with the premium version, you can use additional features like

#1: Vocabulary Enhancement

Poor usage of vocabulary can harm your professionalism. When you are writing professional business letters, novels, essay, research proposal or case study, you would have to show your writing creativity.

If you use poor vocabulary that doesn’t fit in the sentence, then it will put bad impact on you.

Here comes Grammarly vocabulary enhancement feature.

What it does is it will find out the words that are commonly used again and again and need to be replaced with another one.It will suggest you synonymous which has a similar meaning to your words and you can replace the original word with suggested one.

Here’s how it works.

grammarly app vocabulary enhancement

#2: Grammarly Plagiarism Checker Review

One of best feature I like most is Grammarly plagiarism checker.

What if you hire content writers?

You have to check delivered content whether it’s original or copied from the web. I think doing manual work of reviewing content whether it is copied or not would be a time-consuming task.

Hence, you will need a human freelancer who does the job for you or any tool that detects the copied content within the few minutes.

Grammarly plagiarism detection feature helps you in this case.

You just need to active once from the left sidebar of the dashboard, and then it will scan your content with more than 8 billion pages.

grammarly plagiarism checker review

If it will find content unoriginal, it will show you immediately.

#3: Supports Different Types of Document Writing

There are many types of documents available to write for various purposes.The type of document have own creative touch that differentiate it with others.Grammarly lets you write in any document styles whether it’s

  • Academic
  • Business
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Casual

You just need to choose once your type of content, and it will check and show you mistakes according to that form of rules.

Check GIF given below

document supports

#4: Repetitive Word Detection

When we write content, we don’t think much more about words we use. But, sometimes words are overloaded in the article, and that looks crappy content at all.

Grammarly repetitive word detection saves your time here and shows you alternative words with similar meaning.

You can replace with original word by clicking on suggested name.

repetitive word detection

Isn’t simple and easy?

#5: Advanced Grammar Rules


The free version of Grammarly checks and corrects over 100+ errors. But if you are writing for someone then you will require advanced grammar rules that check your content.

The premium version of Grammarly checks over 250+ grammar errors and provides effective, error-free and readable content.

Desktop version for Windows:

If you want to work offline, then Grammarly desktop version for Windows helps you a lot. Download from here.

grammarly premium reviewCheck Premium Version


  • It’s available on cloud so you can access from anywhere.
  • Plagiarism detection (find copied content). Note: Google penalizes the site that contains over 40% plagiarized content and Microsoft word misses this excellent feature.
  • Check & correct over 250+ grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Better than Microsoft word because Microsoft Word shows you an error only, but it doesn’t tell you what type of mistake you made.
  • Instant real time results.
  • Quick support.

Interesting Note for You: When you made any mistake accidentally, Grammarly app suggests you replace by showing you grammar rules with examples. Hence, In future, you won’t make a mistake again.


  • Not available for Google docs at this moment. (How I solve this issue: Grammarly app is on the cloud I can access at any moment, I just finished my work in Google docs then upload it to the Grammarly dashboard.)
  • Accessibility: It’s not available offline, you will require an internet connection. (My view: Actually, this can’t be a con. Because it scans content in real time which makes it better than offline tools. You will need to update offline tools time to time when new features are added).

Cost of Grammarly

Is grammarly free?

Yes, Grammarly offers a free version to correct basic grammatical and punctuation errors.

You can try for free from here.


If you want advanced functionalities like plagiarism detection, advanced grammar rules integration, vocabulary enhancement, Microsoft Word Add-in or Desktop software for Windows, you should go with their premium plan that cost you $11.66 per month.

Check pricing on official site

Final Thoughts on Grammarly App Review

I have been using Grammarly from last few years, and I would say it’s one of the best english grammar checker tool available online.

I can’t imagine writing my content without the use of Grammarly.

It gives amazing features like plagiarism detection, multiple documents, spell checker, sentence structure checker, and more to come in future.

Whether to correct mistakes or learn better English Grammarly, It helps you everywhere. I would recommend everyone who is looking for best grammar checker online to try Grammarly app once.

Let me know your experience with grammarly in the comments section.

Thank you!

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